Hey, I have a ~/Music directory on computer A, and a ~/Music directory on computer B. They contain mostly the same files (and with the same paths). But there might be some files on A but not B, or vice-versa. And there might be some files on both but different (e.g. different id3 tags).

I want to use git annex assistant to sync the two dirs. Neither computer is big enough to hold two copies of the Music dir at once. Ideally, I'd prefer not to have to delete the Music dir from computer B, for example, and then let git annex sync it from A over to B again.

I've setup git annex assistant on both machines and have them syncing their ~/Annex dirs over the local network.

Now how can I start syncing the two music dirs? What will happen if I, for example, drag ~/Music into ~/Annex on computer A then, without waiting, do the same on B?

I could use unison to make sure that the two ~/Music dirs are exactly the same, and resolve any differences, before moving anything into ~/Annex. Maybe that would be a good idea?

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