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>   296d71bb-1aef-4381-b15a-8c9f13836254 -- 
> madduck@albatross:~/family/veronika/photos

Note that the part after the -- here is just a description, and can be
any free-form text. Even if it's kept at the default which happens to
have the same form as a git ssh remote url, there's no guarantee that
the hostname is right from the perspective of the host that wants to add
this remote.

Recent versions of git-annex have a hidden feature that's used by the
webapp. The url of an existing git remote can be stored:

git annex initremote albatross type=git 

And then the same git remote can be set up elsewhere, using that stored

git annex enableremote albatross

But, that is not very flexible or easy to use -- it was really
only added for a specific use case in the webapp.

I use mr to set up remotes.

checkout =
        git clone ssh://
        cd downloads
        git remote add website 

see shy jo

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