On Sun, Mar 29, 2015 at 9:27 PM, John Whitley <whit...@bangpath.org> wrote:
> Related thought about vcsh: I've been meaning to add a "vcsh each" command as 
> a generalization of "vcsh {push,pull}".  E.g. "vcsh each git config 
> branch.master.rebase true".  That would be handy in cases like this where I 
> want to run some command in the context of every repository.  Useful for 
> state normalization (e.g. this config change), reporting, etc.  Thoughts?

Fun fact: While reading the upper part of your email, I thought "there
should really be a `vcsh foreach`. So please call it that :)

I can't merge until I am back from China, though. I usually take a
mostly-blank laptop with me when travelling abroad for professionally
paranoid reasons.


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