Hi vcsh-ers,

Is anyone already using vcsh with nixos? I'd like to bootstrap vcsh and
mr with my default repos as part of user setup in
/etc/nixos/configuration.nix but bumping up against a lot of new
concepts. A working example would help a lot.

What I'm thinking is I should put git, mr, vcsh in the system
environment, and then somehow cause `vcsh clone ...` and `mr up` to be
run when the system is rebuilt if ~/.config/vcsh/repo.d/mr.git isn't
there. Subsequent nixos-rebuilds would not need to do anything.

Sorry if this is more a nixos question, I figured I'd be more likely to
find someone who knew what I was talking about here. Alternatively, am I
going about this the wrong way? I read that nixos is supposed to leave
home dirs well alone but this seems like a natural fit.


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