So I have ~60 git repositories that I manage with the help of mr and
vcsh. Recently though, the main server that I used as a git remote
(running gitolite) failed, and I switched to another. This worked fine,
apart from all the repositories are now configured to point at the old
(non-existent server).

I tried using the fixups mr configuration to setup the proper remotes in
the repository, but this does not run if update fails (is there a way to
just fixup?), so it does not really work. I also want 2 standard remotes
for most of the repositories, but that would require adding different
fixup lines to all of repository definitions.

The issues I am having here seem to be around managing the git remotes
in a large number of repositories, so I'm sending a quick email to see
if anyone is also having this issue, and/or if anyone has some
tips/solutions for dealing with this?



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