On Thu, May 26, 2016 at 08:20:55AM -0700, Corey Quinn wrote:
> Yes. That's how I run it, anyway. It's been working flawlessly for years.
> Remember, each repository doesn't know about the others; it's entirely
> possible to get "duelling repos" that keep switching the same file back and
> forth.

Too bad that committing * in .config/vcsh/repo.d/dotfiles.git/info/exclude
will fail for the same reason as committing a dotfiles.git/config
file. Since I need a post-checkout hook anyway, I will add this to the
hook as well.

Using the .gitignore / info/exclude approach, however, has the side
effect of needing -f to add any file, which will probably train
finger memory to always use -f.


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