I am trying to make sense out of the mr bootstrap feature, which seems
incredibly byzantine for me for lack of an example. I have created an
URL http://some.server/some.file, which delivers a mr config snipped

checkout = vcsh clone http://git/mh/vcsh/mr

When I now do
$ mr bootstrap http://some.server/some.file
mr complains:
mr: illegal section "[$HOME/.config/vcsh/repo.d/mr.git]" in untrusted
http://git.zugschlus.de/mh/vcsh/mrboot/mrconfig line 1

Is it expected that mr bootstrap will always need --trusted?

When I use --trusted, vcsh in turn complains that one of the
repositories that are bootstrapped also contains an .mrconfig file
(the real one instead of the one that got downloaded by mr bootstrap):

marc@swivel:~$ mr --trust bootstrap 
mr checkout: /home/marc/.config/vcsh/repo.d/mr.git
Initialized empty shared Git repository in 
Switched to a new branch 'master'
>From http://git.zugschlus.de/mh/vcsh/mr
 * branch            master     -> FETCH_HEAD
 * [new branch]      master     -> origin/master
vcsh: error: '.mrconfig' exists.
vcsh: fatal: will stop after fetching and not try to merge!
  Once this situation has been resolved, run 'vcsh mr pull' to finish cloning.
mr checkout: command failed

mr bootstrap: finished (1 failed)

Wouldn't it make sense that mr bootstrap would only use the downloaded
file temporarily and then make room for a .mrconfig file that is
actually in a repository? That way, the bootstrap mrconfig file could
be really, really minimal.


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