One per config file seems like too many.  I create a separate repo when
I have a specific reason to do so.  Some examples:

* When one set of configs grows becomes complex in and of itself (zsh,
vim, etc)
* When I want to point others at a logical part of my configs without
everything all in a jumble (zsh, emacs, vim)
* When I may want to play with an experimental branch for part of my
* Separation of concerns, e.g. platform or work-related repos as Lorenzo
mentioned earlier.

Most of my current repos, as an example:

vim -- all of my (neo)vim configs
zsh -- all of my zsh configs
local -- a ~/local directory, modeled after /usr/local, with utility
scripts, etc.
$ARCH -- platform specific repos, e.g. "macos, linux"
dotfiles -- a catch-all for all of those other dotfiles that one

-- John

On Sat, Mar 4, 2017, at 07:10 AM, mathias brousset wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I just discovered vcsh and find it awesome.
> Going straight to the point, what is better :
>  1. Having several vcsh repos, one for each config file (vim, window
>     manager, etc.)
>  2. Having one global repo, gathering all config files.
> As for now i chose the second solution and linked it to my github 
> account, as i did not want to mess on github with 10 repositories...
> Thanks for your advice !
> Mathias
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