also sprach Kevin Lyda <> [2017-03-31 09:50 +0200]:
> Personally I prefer git subtree over git submodules. And that
> said, you're using vcsh which allows for multiple git repos. So
> instead of git submodules, just use additional repos.

I don't think vcsh/myrepos is a good solution, but git-subtree does
seem to work much better. Thanks for the hint.

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the united nations did a poll about food. the only question they asked
was: "could you please give your honest opinion about a solution for
the shortage of food in the rest of the world?" this poll failed
  - in africa they didn't know what food was....
  - in eastern-europe they didn't know what honest was....
  - in western-europe they didn't know what shortage was...
  - in china they didn't know what opinion was...
  - in the middle-east they didn't know what solution was...
  - in south-america they didn't know what please was...
  - and in the usa they didn't know what "the rest of the world" was...

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