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> also sprach Florian Weimer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2008.03.01.1334 +0100]:
>> The nice thing about Manoj's proposal that we (as in "the security
>> team", for instance) need not care if the Debian maintainer thinks
>> that upstream needs pristine topic branches, an integration branch, a
>> weave, or whatever.  We just patch the source and be done with it.
>> This isn't a problem as long as we tell upstream to pick patches from
>> unstable (which they will likely do anyway because that version is
>> much closer to theirs most of the time).

> A quilt series should satisfy those needs as well. If not, please
> explain where it falls short.

        A quilt series is hard to generate from my setup; branch diffs
 are not.  A quilt series only becomes viable as an exclusive source
 package format if it can be created in all cases; forcing people to
 abandon all their work flows and migrate to quilt is a non-starter.

        If we are not talking about exclusively using quilt, then I do
 not understand your question -- sure, some people use quilt. Some of us
 do not. Unless there is a way to generate a quilt series for the rest
 of us easily, we are not going to have quilt in all source packages.

        Why is this so hard to understand?

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