Hi people,

I have recently applied for an Extremadura slot for vcs-pkg, and we
would have the chance to meet at the next meeting, which is at the
beginning of next month, 2-6 April.

Travel, food, and housing would all be sponsored. You can find some
more information here:

I realise this is very short notice, and it's also *not yet 100%
that the meeting will take place at all*, but in order to be able to
act quickly, would everyone who's interested in joining this meeting
(or parts thereof) please provide me with

  - your full name, as given on the passport
  - your nationality
  - your passport number
  - the airport from which you'd depart
  - the days you could attend
  - a paragraph on why you think you should be there

by **midnight SUNDAY 16 MARCH 2008** (yes, that's this week!)?

I don't want to dictate an agenda for this meeting, but if I had to,
it'd be something like this:

  - spend about a day picking up the pieces from the various mailing
    list discussions and make sure we're all on the same page
  - spend another day conceptualising a higher-level, abstract
    workflow, which is vcs-independent
  - spend the rest of the time coding

Comments welcome,

 .''`.   martin f. krafft <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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