On Mon, 2008-03-17 at 12:43 +0100, martin f krafft wrote:
> also sprach James Westby <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2008.03.17.1018 +0100]:
> > It is similar, but there are some differences that I think make it
> > more appropriate.
> > 
> > You may be able to achieve the same abilities with these tools though,
> > I'm not experienced with them.
> I've been lurking at your mail for a while now and couldn't come up
> with a proper response that didn't involve me going out and spend
> some time with bzr, which I currently cannot afford.

I realise it's the sort of mail that is difficult to respond to.

> > Not that I know of yet. The plugin is only a few weeks old. I plan
> > to start looking at it more in depth for packaging soon.
> The idea of bzr-loom has been around since 2006,
> NoMoreSourcePackages was rewritten around the time I decided to
> *not* make vcs-pkg my PhD topic.

I'm well aware of the age of the idea, however the question was about
using it, and to my knowledge no one has done that yet.

> Anyway, may I suggest the following?
> 1. let's come up with a few (!) typical packaging scenarios, e.g.
>    - Package maintainer is upstream
>    - Upstream releases tarballs, patches are sent upstream
>    - Upstream uses the same $DVCS as the package maintenance team
>    - Upstream uses a different $DVCS
>    These are the reference scenarios, which embody the goal of
>    vcs-pkg: once we can solve those properly, we succeeded. As such,
>    they should respresent reality as closely as possible.
>    In all cases, we should consider other distributions
>    collaborating on those repos.
> 2. Proponents of each $DVCS can now present their solutions with an
>    (abridged) shell capture approach. James would "answer" with
>    bzr(-loom), Pierre or myself or anyone else might present the Git
>    approach, John or another mercurial person would offer the hg
>    commands, and so on.
> 3. We can now identify commonalities between the approaches, and
>    also commonalities between how the different distros do it.
> Does this sound like a plan? If yes, let's come up with the typical
> packaging scenarios...

I'll start a new thread for this.



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