As this list continues to grow (~70 people now), I am surely not the
only one wondering who we all are. Specifically, since vcs-pkg is
(supposed to be) a cross-distro effort, I am curious as to what
other distros are currently represented and with whom we're all

Instead of sending introductory mails to the list, I think it might
be a good idea to have short blurps on the webpage, which are
editable and stay around much better.

I thus invite you all to surf on over to http://vcs-pkg.org/people/
and create yourself a page. Please make sure to use the template
linked there, which IkiWiki should do for you, but I think I've hit
a bug. Well, it's all there on the page...

If there are problems, please let me know.

(also, if someone wants to actually make the page template and CSS
pretty, talk to me.)

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