I don't have much time now, but something like this should work

Make a new repo:
cd foo-new
git init

Make the old stuff available:
git remote add old ../foo
git fetch old

Import the first upstream source:
tar xf ../tarballs/foo_0.1.origtar.gz --strip 1
git add .
git commit -a -m 'Import upstream snapshot 0.1'
git tag upstream/0.1

Import second and following sources:
for i in $(ls -A); do if [ "$i" != ".git" ]; then rm -rf $i; fi done
tar xf ../tarballs/foo_0.2.origtar.gz --strip 1
git add .
git commit -a -m 'Import upstream snapshot 0.2'
git tag upstream/0.2

Rename the branch:
git branch -m upstream

Create master branch:
git checkout -b master upstream/0.1

Show all tags:
git tag

Then merge the debian dir from the old tags:
git merge old-release-tag-0.1

And tag this with a new tag:
git tag debian/0.1-1

(If there are additional debian version before next upstream, to the
same for them)

Now update to the next upstream release:
git merge upstream/0.2

And then continue merging from the old tags.

This should produce a plausible history.

If you have the repo public somewhere i could give it a try.


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