Hi VCS packagers,

on this year's DebConf, Martin will possibly hold a talk about vcs-pkg 
and hopefully excite lots of people for the issue.
My hope was that this would generate enough interest to hold a 
Face-to-face meeting and get some offline discussion going, so to 
follow-up on the talk I registered a BoF session on the topic (which has 
been accepted).

Unfortunately, due to the shaky sponsorship situation, the physical 
distance to Argentina, and other RL contraints, I absolutely cannot make 
it to DebConf this year. :-(
So if anybody else is definately planning on going, sees value in this 
form of meeting, and will have a few spare cycles to prepare and host 
this BoF, please contact me per PM so we can arrange an event takeover 
with the DebConf organizers.

Having said that, I'm definatly excited to have a more intensive work 
session in Extremadura this september. The wiki page [1] suggests June 
23rd as the last possible date to register, so give your heart a shove 
(or some less germanish expression to the same effect), make room in 
your calendar, and register with Martin _now_. :-)
And to you DebConf-goers, please still leave some work to be done for us 
in September. ;-)


[1] http://vcs-pkg.org/meetings/2008.09.extremadura/

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