Hi all (again),
  with $DVCS the branch layout for a given package can become quite
complex, and AFAICS there is no agreed upon convention on branch layout.
Just the single choice of whether to use branches just for work and then
serialize changes in patch series or not drastically differentiate the
way of using $DVCS for package maintenance.

My question is whether we have a guideline about *where* to document
branch layout for a given package. Regarding Debian,
debian/README.source comes to mind quickly, but its current description
in policy does not make it clear that it is the suitable place where to
document branch layout.

Of the two one: we clarify its description, we describe where else the
branch layout should be documented.

A more general question is whether there is a fixed set of "well known"
branch layouts that can be written down so that we can reference each
layout with a clear name. If this is so, I believe this is the right
place where to attempt defining such a set.


PS I've tried a while ago raising this question on the debian-devel
   mailing list, with scarce success (i.e. 0 replies)

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