Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> Specifically for Debian: do we have any guideline on how to do that? If
> not it is probably worth to create one ...
> And finally, the problem of the problems: how about the situation where
> one patch for topic branch is not enough as topic branches have got
> intertwined? (I guess this can happen fairly easily with changes
> evolution, unless git rebase is used). A guideline/best practice on that
> as well would be utterly welcome.

I don't split out patches, but all my Debian packages live on (except software where I'm the upstream, in which case
it's on my own git server).  Using gitweb, people can inspect the
changelog and download diffs of individual changesets.  You can also
craft URLs for people that will do things such as spit out a diff
between upstream and debian heads, or between two different Debian releases.

-- John

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