Hi Petr and everyone else,

as some of you may know, I am working on http://vcs-pkg.org, and
Pierre kindly alerted me to your announcement, which looks very
interesting for what we are trying to do.

Assuming a number of interdependent topic branches, does TopGit
provide a way for me to linearise/flatten/serialise these branches
in a one-patch-per-branch fashion, so that I could turn any TopGit
repository into a quilt series? I am only interested in a one-way
conversion from TopGit to quilt for now.

The reason for this is quite simply that while it's fabulous to use
e.g. Git for managing the source repository from which to build
distro packages, the resulting packages will have all
distro-specific changes applied or collated into a single diff. This
makes it hard for other distributions to grab patches, for upstream
to keep on top of what is being distributed, and for bug fixers to
separate patches and test only specific ones.

If we could turn a TopGit-managed forest into a quilt series, we
could distribute the series with the package and allow those who
inspect the source package to use quilt to navigate the patches.

If anyone has any input on the matter, I'd love to hear it.

Thank you,

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