I want to propose to you some information on a new project I'm working
on since more than one year now and called Project-Builder.org (aka pb)

I just published 0.9.3 version, and think it's maturing slowly but
surely, and may be useful for people on this mailing list.

The goal is to provide a tool to help projects (or packagers) packaging
software, and thus extending their visibility and usability. 

All information on the project build are stored in a VCS (CVS or SVN
currently), and pb builds packages using those + a link to again a CVS
or SVN repo. Everything is there to include other VCS at will. I was
just involved with projects using those 2 only.

A presentation I made during the RMLL 2008 and LinuxDays Geneva 2008 is
available at

Example of conf files are available at
http://trac.project-builder.org/browser/projects and info on the project
with some detailed (even if now a bit old) example at

I'll be on vacation during the next 2 weeks, so don't expect quick answer
from me on this before early September. But I'm of course highly
interested by your feedbaacks. You can find the tar ball at
ftp://ftp.project-builder.org/src/project-builder-0.9.3.tar.gz and RPMs
pckages under ftp://ftp.project-builder.org/ .deb packages should rrive
when I solve the namng issue of perl modules on Debian.

Plese keep in consideration that the tool is young (1 year), targetting
mainly smaller projects (I don't pretend that it's useful to pakcage the
kernel or Xorg of course), but at least useful for me, so thought it
could be interesting for others as well.

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