also sprach Petr Baudis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2008.08.12.1959 -0300]:
> > I think this is definitely something TopGit can automate.
> This seems to be in principle the same as the tie branches. It might
> make sense to have a way to _optionally_ make a tie branch.

Yes, optional would make sense!

> How should that work? Maybe there needs to be even an explicit support
> for this - should TopGit just check the dependency tree when
> sequencing the topic branches and have a step that says:
>       "I'm going to sequence branch A. If there is branch T that has
>       only already sequenced branches + branch A as dependencies,
>       use T's content instead of A."
> Would that be satisfactory?

Yes, that's what I was thinking about, if I read you correctly.

> Of course, in the case of
>         A1--A2--A3--A4--C
>                        /
>         B1--B2--B3--B4.
> the sequenced branches would still be like
>         A1--A2--A3--A4--B1--B2--B3--C
> unless you create the T1..T4 branches manually.

Yes. Or add a dependency. I'd just prefer not to add a dependency
where there is none; instead, I'd prefer if TopGit could be aided
with the serialisation in cases when it cannot possibly make
a proper decision.

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