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> I already have, but TopGit does not really solve the same problem,
> namely serializing a set of possibly conflicting heads with the end
> result being identical to the state of an integration branch. At least
> it does not do this automatically without the need to create extra
> merged bases.

But it does so automatically, and I have been talking to Petr about
adding support for temporary merge bases in case you only want
one-time integration of a set of branches (as for distro packaging,
for instance).

> TopGit is nice though, but it still needs some work. A 'tg clone'
> command which would pull also the bases automatically would be
> nice to have.

Petr is aware of this and working on it, but it seems like he's
busy. It should be fairly trivial to add, if you want to have
a shot.

> Also, is there a trick to get the "ours" merge strategy used in
> .top* -files to work with octopus merge?

It is my understanding that the ours strategy works with any number
of heads, so it should work fine with the octopus merge. This is
what the git-merge(1) manpage has to say about it:

  This resolves any number of heads, but the result of the merge is
  always the current branch head.

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