Teemu Ikonen wrote:
> The obvious, although perhaps inelegant way to solve the storage of
> the released debian source would be to modify pristine-tar to work
> with deb-source packages and store them in a branch of their own,
> maybe called "released-deb" or similar. The storage overhead for this
> would be minimal, just the size of the compressed patches.

The idea crossed my mind :-)

> First, find a path from tagged release commit in master to the commit
> in topgit branch patch/x preceding the commit in master where patch/x
> was last merged in. Let's call this commit Px. Next, starting from Px,
> find the commit in top-bases/patch/x preceding the last merge of
> top-bases/patch/x to patch/x and call this commit Bx. The patch can
> then be recreated from diff(Bx, Px) and .topmsg at Px.

top-bases/* are just references, right? If so, I don't see what you mean
by "find the commit in top-bases/patch/x [...] and call this commit Bx".
How would you achieve this?


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