also sprach Teemu Ikonen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2008.10.01.1243 +0200]:
> I thought about this some more and indeed there are problems.
> Generating patches based on just one tag in the integration branch
> probably would work when all the topic branches are still alive (i.e.
> there is a head ref which can be used to find all the commits
> belonging to the branch),

Since you merged the branches, they are alive up until the point of
the tag. If we want to get a patch series for 0.2-1, we don't care
*at all* about what happened after the debian/0.2-1 tag, so it
doesn't matter whether the branch refs still exist or not.

> Your idea of storing two tags per topic branch per release is much
> more robust, although without automated tagging of all the branch
> heads and bases and linking them to a master tag in the integration
> branch it will be too laborious for practical use IMHO.

Of course. tg-tag would take care of it, and it would take a list of
branches that all get the same tag. Then, some sort of
higher-level wrapper like git-bp could do the git-tag and tg-tag

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