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> also sprach Manoj Srivastava <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2008.10.01.0302 +0200]:
>>         This is a strawman, really. The options are not the giant big
>>  diff vs quilt (equally horrible, IMHO). The options are 3.0 (quilt) vs
>>  3.0 (git). I would have gone for the 3.0 (git) format myself, except
>>  that it does not support submodules.
> It's also overkill and a bad idea due to its complexity, as Martin
> said. Dig through the threads linked from http://vcs-pkg.org to find
> all the other arguments against it, especially by Pierre, who
> probably knows more Git than you and I together.

> If I were asked about which source package format will become
> standard in Debian for squeeze or squeeze+1, I'd have to say v3
> quilt, for *sure*. The git/bzr were nice ideas but are never going
> to make it, IMHO.

        *Shrug*. If the 3.0 (git) format is untenable, then I suppose
 I'll just let dpkg muddle through. I am not _that_ interested in making
 it easier for vaporware helpers to possibly contribute that I'll be
 willing to take a huge hit on my productivity.

        The bottom line still remains making it easier for me to package
 software for my distribution cleanly, efficiently, and without
 having to jump through too many hoops.


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