Hi all,

 I have read with interest Madduck's "Packaging with git" article [1].

 There's one point I didn't really understand and with which I have a
problem when I tried to switch my jython package to git.

 At the end of the section about new upstream releases, the article
describes the case of integration of changes from upstream on the
Makefile on which the package maintainer also made changes in the
deb/conffile-location branch. So the maintainer merges the upstream
version in this branch, resolving the conflicts, and then rebuilds the
package with poor-mans-gitbuild script.

 But this script will checkout the build branch and try to merge the
upstream branch in. That should fail due to the same conflicts which
were resolved in the deb/conffile-location branch. That's actually what
I experience with my tests.

 What did I miss in the article ? How can you prevent a double
resolution of the conflicts (one with branch deb/conffile-location and
one with build branch) with the long-living build branch layout ?

 Thanks in advance for your help, 

[1] http://madduck.net/blog/2007.10.03:packaging-with-git/

Nicolas Duboc <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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