Wealth of U.S.A. Plundered by Jews
Thursday, 05 February 2009
By Texe Marrs

It's all over the media, how one Wall Street crook, Bernie Madoff, masterminded 
the greatest Ponzi scheme in history. Bernie ripped off investors to the tune 
of $50 billion, and they're still counting.

Fifty billion! That's more than the current market value of General Motors, 
Disney, Boeing, and Anheuser-Busch combined. And just one solitary individual—a 
corrupt, money-grabbing Jew named "Madoff"—is the culprit.

But, wait...hold on. Is this one crime the whole picture, the full extent of 
Wall Street's monumental scam and robbery extravaganza? Not by a long shot!
Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus

Citibank's Jewish money-shovelers stole some $200 billion—and then got the 
idiots at the U.S. Treasury to dole out some $160 billion of our—the suffering 
taxpayers—hard-earned money into their coffers. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa 
Claus and his name is "Uncle Sam."

America's banking industry is exclusively Jewish-run. The same goes for Wall 
Street brokerage and investment houses. Investigate for yourself and you'll 
discover that the New York-Chicago money crowd is nearly 100 percent Jews. 
They're the ones—these bamboozling and crafty, satanic Jews—who greedily have 
broken the
backs of millions of bedraggled and unsuspecting American workers through their 
unparalleled lust for filthy lucre.

Jesus told us this would be the case. He warned us in advance. He gave the Jews 
a choice: God or Mammon. They chose Mammon (i.e., money) and then added icing 
to their cake on earth by torturing, mocking, then finally nailing our Lord and 
Savior to a wooden cross. Oh, excuse me. The Jews didn't do it themselves. They
never do. They got the Romans to do their dirty work. Pilate at first refused, 
until the Jews made it clear to the Roman Governor he better do their bidding, 
or else. Like today's miserly and cowardly politicians, Pilate caved in.
Crucified on a Cross of Gold

Now, it's America's turn to be crucified, on a cross of Jewish-owned gold. The 
Jews of Wall Street are the perps of this crucifixion. They run Wall Street, 
have their grimy hands all over our U.S. Treasury, force Congress to bow down 
and worship their murderous idol, "Israel," and then lie and cast blame 

Now Bernie Madoff, former chairman of the NASDAQ Stock Exchange, is only one of 
thousands of money manipulating Jewish thugs running loose in these 50 
states—and they all have Gentile lackeys kissing their feet and mopping floors 
for them—men like George W. ("McMoron") Bush, Bill ("Bimbo") Clinton, and Vice 
Joe ("Big Mouth Clown") Biden, just to name a few. But consider the damage that 
this one scheming Jew, Madoff, did and multiply that times, say, 100,000.

Writing in the Business section of the Austin American-Statesman (December 28, 
2008), news reporter Scott Burns commented on the Madoff robbery:

"The loss is mind-boggling...One way to measure the extent of the damage is to 
compare the $50 billion to measures of loss in the FBI Uniform Crime Reports. 
In 2007 there were 9.8 million crimes against property in the United States. 
This included about 2.2 million burglaries, 6.6 million thefts, and 1.1 million 
car thefts.

I think you'll agree that 9.8 million crimes represent a veritable army of 
miscreants. In spite of that, our total losses to such property crimes in 2007 
throughout the entire United States were a mere $17.6 billion...

But when you add up all the losses in 9.8 million common property crimes, it's 
just a fraction of the estimated $50 billion loss attributed to Madoff.

Jews Also Behind the Most Inhumane, Bloody Crime in History

Think of it. One evil Jew, Madoff, made off with a staggering total equal to 
somewhere near the losses of about 30 million crimes. There's more, of course. 
It's not just the money. The Jews are also behind the most sinister and bloody 
inhuman crime ever committed in the annals of human history—the Soviet 
Communist Holocaust.

The late Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, the 20th century's most acclaimed literary 
figure and historian, reported in his final book, Two Hundred Years Together, 
that the Jews were the revolutionary conspirators and mass murderers 
responsible for the Communist holocaust in which a mind-warping 66 million 
innocent victims were
tortured, imprisoned in filthy, gruesome gulag camps and, finally, unmercifully 
executed. Lenin, Trotsky, Kaganovich—all these Communist monsters were Jews and 
their talmudic goal was a global Communist "Utopia," led, of course, 
exclusively by Zionist Jews.

Allegedly—and I use that word advisedly—the Jews accuse Hitler and his Nazis of 
the murder of six million in the misnamed German "holocaust." Modern-day 
researchers, however, are discovering that this figure, six million, is grossly 
exaggerated so that Jews can appear as "victims" and thus continue incessantly 
to demand
money and reparations from a clueless and guilt-filled Gentile world.
66 Million Butchered by Jews!

Nevertheless, contrast this six million Jewish dead number to Solzhenitsyn's 
very accurate statistic of 66 million slain by the psychopathic Jewish 
Communists in the former Soviet Union. Many, if not most, of these victims were 
Christians. (Note: Jews were favored in the U.S.S.R. and synagogues were 
protected. Anti-Semitic
"crimes"—even thought crimes—were met with death sentences by Jewish courts in 
the Soviet justice system).

Tally it up: 66 million Christians slaughtered by the Jews, 6 million 
(allegedly) by the Nazis. That's eleven dead Christians for each and every Jew. 
The world has no sorrow for these 66 million dead, their survivors get no 
reparations, and their Jewish tormentors—including scores of Jewish Gulag 
Commandants—today remain free.
Some live in luxury in Israel and pleasurably enjoy fat bank accounts, money 
plundered from hapless Christian victims.
Barack Obama, America's First Jewish President

The Jews did it to Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Estonia, Kazakhstan, and all the 
other Communist prison nations. Now, in 2009, they're scheduled to do the same 
thing to the once, great U.S.A. Barack Obama—whom Chicago's wealthiest Jews 
boast is America's "First Jewish President"—is their chosen instrument. Wily, 
handsome, Obama has a cohort Jew to assist him in this assigned mission of 
human and national destruction. That would be Rahm "The Cruel" Emanuel, the 
Enforcer, the new White House Chief of Staff. Just for writing this article, I 
expect to be placed near the top of this wicked man's "Hit List." And I suspect 
there will be so
many on this list that the White House and its Homeland Security Department 
will need a whole warehouse full of computers just to store all the millions of 

FDR had his "New Deal;" today, in 2009, Barack Hussein Obama and his 
Trotskyite, left-hand lieutenant, the beady-eyed Israeli dual citizen, "Rahm 
the Cruel," have in mind the "Jew Deal." The goal: The Sovietization of 
America, the extinguishing of our historic Bill of Rights, the end of U.S. 
sovereignty, and the death of
multitudes who will refuse to bow down to the ruthless tyrants who wear the 
six-pointed Red Star in their hearts like a dagger.
"If You Can, Come and Take It"

Our enemies, regrettably, occupy the highest offices in the land. But they 
don't have everything they desire and lust for. They don't have the fawning 
allegiance and docile service of you, me, and thousands of other patriots who 
bravely oppose their black-hearted plot.

I am not, by nature, a violent man, and I pray fervently for peace and harmony 
to prevail. I pray, too, that the schemes of the Zionist Jews plotting against 
America will fail, that our Constitution will be respected and that the corrupt 
money-thieves on Wall Street and elsewhere will soon be outed and put in 
prisons, where they

But if not, then I say, let us fight for the right. Here we stand, by virtue of 
Truth and Justice, and I say to Obama, Emanuel, and the other Zionist traitors: 
"Here we are; if you can, come and take it, but know this: You have a fight on 
your hands, because we will not go quietly out into that soft, sweet night. And 
believe me, you
can take that, along with your ill-begotten gains, to the bank."

Source : http://ziopedia.org/articles/jewry/wealth_of_u.s.a._plundered_by_jews/


The Holocaust is Now Catholic Dogma
Thursday, 05 February 2009
By Mark Glenn

The last time a Pope of the Catholic Church defined an infallible dogma was in 
the year 1950. Pope Pius XII used this power reserved for the Vicar of Christ 
when speaking ex cathedra to define the Dogma of the Assumption of Mary. It was 
an extraordinary event because a pope using the power of infallibly to define a 
dogma is
done so rarely, and most popes have never used this power. Before Pius XII, the 
last pope to invoke papal infallibly to define a dogma was Pius IX in 1854, 
when he defined the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception. Both of these dogmas 
referred to events that had occurred 19 centuries before , and that had been 
studied by
the best minds of the Church for almost as long. That’s because when making an 
infallible statement - it goes without saying - it can’t contain any errors! 
Fast forward to 2009 and Pope Benedict XVI has just defined a new dogma 
regarding a secular event that has nothing to do with the Faith. Moreover, this 
‘dogmatic event’
only occurred in the middle of the 20th Century-  and no one is allowed to 
investigate to see if it contains any errors!

A dogma is an infallible teaching of the Catholic Church that must be believed 
by every Catholic or they’re not in communion with the Church. In the past, a 
dogma referred only to a matter of Christian faith, and Catholics could believe 
whatever they wanted about historical events. But today’s remarks from the 
Vatican make it
clear that the Jewish version of the Holocaust, in which 6 million Jews were 
killed in gas chambers, must be believed by every Catholic or they’re not in 
communion with the Church. That makes the Holocaust an official ‘dogma’ of the 
Catholic Faith (*sarcasm*). Here’s the news out of the Vatican.

On Jan. 28, the pope said he felt “full and indisputable solidarity” with Jews, 
and warned against any denial of the full horror of the Nazi genocide.

Bishop Williamson, in order to be admitted to episcopal functions within the 
church, will have to take his distance, in an absolutely unequivocal and public 
fashion, from his position on the Shoah, which the Holy Father was not aware of 
when the excommunication was lifted,” the statement said. The Shoah is the 
Hebrew term for
the Holocaust.

Jewish groups welcomed the Vatican statement, saying it satisfied their key 

“This was the sign the Jewish world has been waiting for,” said Ronald Lauder, 
president of the World Jewish Congress.

Yes, this is the sign the Jewish world has been waiting for, but what exactly 
does this “sign” really mean? It means that in the post-Vatican II Church, the 
“Shoah” has replaced the Crucifixion as the central event in history. And do 
you notice the subtle switcheroo here? Now, instead of the central tenet of the 
Christian faith
pertaining to the murder of the Christ by Jews, the new central tenet refers to 
the murder of Jews by Christians! This should come as no surprise to those who 
understand what really lies at the heart of the problem. At its core, this is a 
spiritual battle that’s being waged above our heads. It’s Christ vs. 
anti-Christ, and each of us
must choose a side.

Lucifer wanted to be equal to God and out of pride refused to accept being a 
servant. When he uttered his famous “non servium” he took a third of the angels 
with him and set about waging war against God. When God sent His Son to redeem 
the world, Lucifer tried to prevent it. He took Jesus to the mountain top and 
Him, saying “if you just bow down and worship me, I will give you all these 
things.”  Jesus told the devil to buzz off. The Jews who rejected Jesus as the 
Messiah did so out of racial pride and ambition. They wanted an earthly kingdom 
where they would always be the ‘Chosen Ones’ and did not want to share a 
kingdom with the
gentiles. But Jesus emphatically said that His kingdom was not of this world 
and to share the good news with the gentiles. The Jews who accepted the Messiah 
became the first Christians, and those who rejected Him fell into spiritual 
blindness. Satan takes advantage of Jewish hatred of Jesus and uses them to 
battle against
the Church of Christ. The Jews continue to wait for a wordly Messiah, but the 
Messiah they await is known to us as the anti-Christ. Therefore, all Christians 
must love and pray for the Jewish people to accept Christ as the Messiah, 
thereby snatching them from the jaws of Satan, whom they don’t realize they are 

This battle between Christ and anti-Christ is 2,000 years old and all popes 
throughout history have waged it (at least until 1958). That’s what makes the 
Church’s post-Vatican II attitude toward the Jews so perplexing, since it 
enables them to continue in spiritual blindness and sets the stage for the 
coming of the anti-Christ. Pope
Leo XIII had a vision at the end of the 19th Century in which he forsaw that 
the devil had been given extra powers for 100 years to try to destroy the 
Church. This seems to coincide with the shift in power that took place in the 
20th Century when after two world wars, the Jews took Palestine and solidified 
their control over the
West. This was also the century in which the Jews unleashed their most deadly 
weapon, Communism, which caused the deaths of millions of people.  But these 
people’s genocides go unnoticed and certainly have not been declared ”dogma” by 
a pope of the Catholic Church. Another clue that something is amiss inside the
Church is that the Second Vatican Council refused to condemn Communism, but 
declared that anti-Semitism was a sin (without defining what constitutes 

Enter Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX), and the man 
who’s currently being crucified, Bishop Richard Williamson. Archbishop Lefebvre 
himself had fought inside the Second Vatican Council to prevent the coup of the 
liberals. He also stated that the mere fact that the Council refused to condemn
Communism was enough to call the Council into question. The Archbishop knew 
that something nefarious had happened inside the Church and sensed that he was 
waging a battle against powers and principalities. In terms of his plans to 
restore Tradition, in the Biography of Marcel Lefebvre by Bishop Tissier de 
Mallerais, he
quotes the Archbishop as saying (pp. 500-501):

The Council is a non-infallible act of the Magisterium and, therefore, it is 
open to being influenced by a bad spirit … Therefore, we need to apply the 
criterion of Tradition to the various Council documents to see what we can 
keep, what needs clarifying, and what should be rejected.

And that’s exactly the whole point of the negotiations between the SSPX and the 
Vatican that have been going on for almost 40 years. After the release of the 
Latin Mass and the lifting of the excommunications, the next phase is doctrinal 
discussions. But somebody doesn’t want that to happen. Archbishop Lefebvre 
the SSPX in 1970 in order to train priests in Tradition and not in the 
confusing, untraditional, Judeo-Masonic manner of the post-Conciliar era. The 
greatest threat to Revolutionaries is those who are not afraid to resist them 
to the face, i.e., the Counter-Revolutionaries. That is why Pope John Paul II 
would not allow Archbishop
Lefebvre to consecrecate bishops, something that is usually rubber-stamped for 
every other order. John Paul II wanted the SSPX to go extinct after the death 
of its founder and put a stop to the Counter-Revolution. And if the Council 
really was influenced by a “bad spirit” as the Archbishop said, then certainly 
any attempt to
exorcise this bad spirit would be met with the fiercest resistance by those who 
work for the anti-Christ.

This is where the controversy over Bishop Williamson’s remarks about the actual 
number of Jews killed in the Holocaust comes into the scenario. If the Jews are 
(wittingly or unwittingly) working to bring about the reign of the anti-Christ, 
then part of their strategy has to be to neutralize the Church. In their effort 
to overturn the
crucifixion and replace it with the “Shoah,” they’re trying to utilize the 
Church to bring this about. And any force that appears to provide resistance to 
this switcheroo will be seen as the gravest possible threat. Because truly, it 
wouldn’t have mattered if Bishop Williamson had not said a word about the 
Shoah, they would have
found something else to try to impede the Church’s return to Tradition. Because 
Christ and anti-Christ cannot co-exist on equal terms - one must naturally 
dominate the other. And the Church returning to Tradition and her normal role 
as the Church Militant is the one monkey wrench that could be thrown into the 
plans of the anti-
Christ. No other challenger intimidates them, absolutely no one else causes 
them to tremble. But a fully traditional Church Militant with a billion souls 
in her army is the one thing that could defeat their plans. And that’s what 
this is really all about.

Bishop Williamson now finds himself in the center of a controvery that has been 
coming to a head for a very long time. In perusing the Catholic blogosphere, it 
appears that most Catholics (even trads) wish that he had just kept his mouth 
shut. But they would probably have said the same thing to Jesus, so as not to 
annoy the
Pharisees. But I’m convinced Our Lord Jesus Christ knows what he is doing. 
Because it is time to confront the truth, as the the hour glass of time winds 
down, and get ready for the final conflagration. But it appears most Christians 
would rather retreat to the hills, rather than risk not being popular with the 
world. Thankfully, for the
sake of our salvation, Jesus Himself was not so pusillanimous. And hopefully 
Bishop Williamson won’t be so pusillanimous either, since his founder, 
Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, most assuredly was not. The Archbishop personally 
chose Richard Williamson to carry on his work after his death, to be a 
successor to the apostles.
The only question that remains is: will he be like St. John or like the others 
who abandoned Jesus ”for fear of the Jews.’

The Church and the Jews have been locked in this battle for 2,000 years, so 
this latest controversy is nothing to be surprised about. Satan uses the poor, 
blinded Jews to attack the Lord’s Church because he doesn’t want us or them to 
be saved. But at least in the past, it used to be clear which side the popes 
were on! The
Pope and SSPX bishops need all our prayers and support right now, because they 
are going through a trial by fire. And, at least in this early stage, it 
appears Bishop Fellay is starting to get cold feet. Every day for the past 
several days he has issued a denunciation of his colleague, Bishop Williamson, 
each one more hysterical
than the last. He even went so far as to refer to the Jews as our “elder 
brothers in the faith,” as though the Talmud has anything to do with our Faith. 
When I said last week that I wished Bishop Fellay would one day be pope, I 
didn’t mean in the mold of John Paul II!

Let us pray especially for Pope Benedict XVI, the keeper of the keys to heaven, 
that he prove himself a worthy successor of St. Peter, and that he not imitate 
Peter in his denial of Jesus Christ. Archbishop Lefebvre recognized that the 
day would come when the SSPX would be called on to save the Church. And judging 
by the
howls and screams from the satanic press, that day might be just around the 
corner. Let us hope that we also have the courage to stand beside them, no 
matter how much the media attack and lambaste us. It’s for the Jews’ own good 
after all, for they know not whom they are serving. As the Archbishop wrote in 
1966 (ibid, pp.

When the Holy Father realizes that those whom he trusted are leading the Church 
to her ruin, he will find himself a group of bishops … who are ready to 
rebuild. Unfortunately, the time has not yet come, because the Holy Father 
himself must change what he is doing, and that conversion will be painful.

Let us hope that the time has come and that Pope Benedict will accept the help 
of the SSPX. It is time for the Holy Father to stop taking sides with the 
enemies of the Church and stop defining  secular events as “dogma,” especially 
ones so riddled through with holes. May God save the Church through His 
servant, Pope
Benedict, although the Pope’s conversion will be painful.

Source : 


Why No Neocon Assassinations? Because The War On Terror Is A Hoax
February 03, 2009
By  Paul Craig Roberts

According to US government propaganda, terrorist cells are spread throughout 
America, making it necessary for the government to spy on all Americans and 
violate most other constitutional protections. Among President Bush’s last 
words as he left office was the warning that America would soon be struck again 
by Muslim

If America were infected with terrorists, we would not need the government to 
tell us. We would know it from events. As there are no events, the US 
government substitutes warnings in order to keep alive the fear that causes the 
public to accept pointless wars, the infringement of civil liberty, national ID 
cards, and
inconveniences and harassments when they fly.

The most obvious indication that there are no terrorist cells is that not a 
single neocon has been assassinated.

I do not approve of assassinations, and am ashamed of my country’s government 
for engaging in political assassination. The US and Israel have set a very bad 
example for al Qaeda to follow.

The US deals with al Qaeda and Taliban by assassinating their leaders, and 
Israel deals with Hamas by assassinating its leaders. It is reasonable to 
assume that al Qaeda would deal with the instigators and leaders of America’s 
wars in the Middle East in the same way.

Today every al Qaeda member is aware of the complicity of neoconservatives in 
the death and devastation inflicted on Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon 
and Gaza. Moreover, neocons are highly visible and are soft targets compared to 
Hamas and Hezbollah leaders. Neocons have been identified in the media for 
and as everyone knows, multiple listings of their names are available online.

Neocons do not have Secret Service protection. Dreadful to contemplate, but it 
would be child’s play for al Qaeda to assassinate any and every neocon. Yet, 
neocons move around freely, a good indication that the US does not have a 
terrorist problem.

If, as neocons constantly allege, terrorists can smuggle nuclear weapons or 
dirty bombs into the US with which to wreak havoc upon our cities, terrorists 
can acquire weapons with which to assassinate any neocon or former government 

Yet, the neocons, who are the Americans most hated by Muslims, remain unscathed.

The "war on terror" is a hoax that fronts for American control of oil 
pipelines, the profits of the military-security complex, the assault on civil 
liberty by fomenters of a police state, and Israel’s territorial expansion.

There were no al Qaeda in Iraq until the Americans brought them there by 
invading and overthrowing Saddam Hussein, who kept al Qaeda out of Iraq. The 
Taliban is not a terrorist organization, but a movement attempting to unify 
Afghanistan under Muslim law. The only Americans threatened by the Taliban are 
the Americans
Bush sent to Afghanistan to kill Taliban and to impose a puppet state on the 
Afghan people.

Hamas is the democratically elected government of Palestine, or what little 
remains of Palestine after Israel’s illegal annexations. Hamas is a terrorist 
organization in the same sense that the Israeli government and the US 
government are terrorist organizations. In an effort to bring Hamas under 
Israeli hegemony, Israel employs
terror bombing and assassinations against Palestinians. Hamas replies to the 
Israeli terror with homemade and ineffectual rockets.

Hezbollah represents the Shi’ites of southern Lebanon, another area in the 
Middle East that Israel seeks for its territorial expansion.

The US brands Hamas and Hezbollah "terrorist organizations" for no other reason 
than the US is on Israel’s side of the conflict. There is no objective basis 
for the US Department of State’s "finding" that Hamas and Hezbollah are 
terrorist organizations. It is merely a propagandistic declaration.

Americans and Israelis do not call their bombings of civilians terror. What 
Americans and Israelis call terror is the response of oppressed people who are 
stateless because their countries are ruled by puppets loyal to the oppressors. 
These people, dispossessed of their own countries, have no State Departments, 
Departments, seats in the United Nations, or voices in the mainstream media. 
They can submit to foreign hegemony or resist by the limited means available to 

The fact that Israel and the United States carry on endless propaganda to 
prevent this fundamental truth from being realized indicates that it is Israel 
and the US that are in the wrong and the Palestinians, Lebanese, Iraqis, and 
Afghans who are being wronged.

The retired American generals who serve as war propagandists for Fox "News" are 
forever claiming that Iran arms the Iraqi and Afghan insurgents and Hamas. But 
where are the arms? To deal with American tanks, insurgents have to construct 
homemade explosive devices out of artillery shells. After six years of conflict 
insurgents still have no weapon against the American helicopter gunships. 
Contrast this "arming" with the weaponry the US supplied to the Afghans three 
decades ago when they were fighting to drive out the Soviets.

The films of Israel’s murderous assault on Gaza show large numbers of Gazans 
fleeing from Israeli bombs or digging out the dead and maimed, and none of 
these people are armed. A person would think that by now every Palestinian 
would be armed, every man, woman, and child. Yet, all the films of the Israeli 
attack show an
unarmed population. Hamas has to construct homemade rockets that are little 
more than a sign of defiance. If Hamas were armed by Iran, Israel’s assault on 
Gaza would have cost Israel its helicopter gunships, its tanks, and hundreds of 
lives of its soldiers.

Hamas is a small organization armed with small caliber rifles incapable of 
penetrating body armor. Hamas is unable to stop small bands of Israeli settlers 
from descending on West Bank Palestinian villages, driving out the 
Palestinians, and appropriating their land.

The great mystery is: why after 60 years of oppression are the Palestinians 
still an unarmed people? Clearly, the Muslim countries are complicit with 
Israel and the US in keeping the Palestinians unarmed.

The unsupported assertion that Iran supplies sophisticated arms to the 
Palestinians is like the unsupported assertion that Saddam Hussein had weapons 
of mass destruction. These assertions are propagandistic justifications for 
killing Arab civilians and destroying civilian infrastructure in order to 
secure US and Israeli hegemony
in the Middle East.

Source : http://vdare.com/roberts/090203_terror.htm


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