I have been meaning to write this up for a long time now, since
 I vaguely made a promise to do so last Debconf. I have also been
 wondering about the inefficiencies in my work-flow, but I kept
 postponing my analysis since there were still large gaps in my
 packaging automation since I moved off Arch as my SCM of
 choice. However, recently I have taken a sabbatical from Debian, so
 I've had time to complete bits and pieces of my package building
 framework, enough so that I could no longer justify putting off the
 analysis. I tried writing it up, but the result confused even me; so I
 instead recorded every shell command during a recent series of
 packaging tasks, and converted that into a nice, detailed, activity
 diagram that you see over here. This is as efficient a work-flow as I
 have been able to come up with.


        Along with a git commit hook script, that parses the commit log
 and adds pending tags to bugs closed in the commit, the figure above
 represents my complete work-flow -- down to the details of every /cd/
 command I executed. I think there are too many steps still.

        Feedback and commentary would be appreciated, as well as any 
 suggestions to improve efficiency.


ps: I updated http://vcs-pkg.org/index.html to add a link to this blog
    post. I must figure out how to enable comments on my blog
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