Hello to all subscribers of this mailing list.

I'd like to introduce myself: I'm involved in Sisyphus repository
project [1] and also work for the company sponsoring it and making a
Linux distributions using it -- ALT Linux [2].

Sisyphus is a RPM (one more variant of) -based packages repository, and
for a three or four years git is used for storing the source code for
packages in Sisyphus (but it is still a transition).

There are several tools developed in course of Sisyphus, helping
maintainers to keep source code in repositories. Until recently they
were kept silently in various repositories of Sisyphus due to various
reasons (nothing related to the secrety, but more due to carelesslness)
without any publicity in English-spaking community, so I'd like to share
some info about the tools in hope they will be helpful.

In my free time I'm involved in Debian [1] and also in small
Debian-inspired distro [2]. For the latter, there are plans to switch to
source-package-less scheme using git-buildpackage+pbuilder.

[2] http://openinkpot.org/


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