also sprach Mikhail Gusarov <> [2009.03.01.1454 +0100]:
> gear [1] is a set of tools developed in course of Sisyphus project,
> grouped around the idea of storing source code for packages in the git
> repository with flexible structure.

Hi Mikhail,

Thank you for your introduction and the pointer to gear. It's great
to see AltLinux get involved in this cross-distro effort. So,
welcome to you and everyone else from your team!

I don't know very much about AltLinux, and consequently it's hard
for me to understand gear. I think it would be really interesting if
you would take the time to give us an example session of your
workflow in an email, e.g. show us which steps you are taking (and
explain why), so that we can understand what you are doing and what
problems gear solves for you.

I hope that's not asking too much, and sorry for the late reply!

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