also sprach James Westby <> [2009.03.23.1821 +0100]:
> I'm going to be at this year's debconf, and so I'd like to
> organise something to do with vcs-pkg if there is interest.
> Who is going to be at Debconf? What suggestions are there for what
> we can do?

I will probably be there and I am definitely interested in doing
something vcs-pkg. I am a little weary though about doing something
in a Debian/Ubuntu-only context, because this group is already
strongly Debian/Ubuntu-centric [0], so we better be careful not to
drive the others away.

I think what we could do though is take note of what we've done and
come to terms again with what we're doing. It seems that vcs-pkg is
still mainly an idea and an interest group, but we don't have any
products, solutions, or even just specific problem vectors yet. We
could define those, and invite non-Debconf-attendees to join us on

I'd support any effort, though since I am also organiser for
DebConf, I appreciate it greatly that James took the lead. We
could/should probably make this a longer or even multi-day session,
and maybe even try to have it during DebCamp instead of the main

0. probably since I have not spread the word far enough, and since
there isn't really anything tangible here yet.

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