Hi everybody,

my name is Hauke (yes, I use my middle name for everyday talk) and I'm a
Debian Maintainer who's interested in this project.
Enough introduction? :)

Some time ago I started contributing to svn-buildpackage, a build helper
for Debian packages which are stored in subversion repositories.
Unfortunately it's quite buggy and needs some major re-engineering. When
I first brought up that point I felt like the contributors escaping --
obviously they don't want to make svn-bp better. OTOH that means I'm
almost free in what I'm doing about it. :)

After some thinking I started implementing a Repository class as an
intelligent wrapper around SVN::Client (OOP in perl is weird by the
way). It became more and more difficult and I already thought it could
go as a Google Summer of Code project but...

Writing a new VCS based packaging helper does not make any sense without
considering current efforts in abstracting things. And basically that's
why I'm here now: I don't want to write a tool that's about to be
replaced anyways any time soon.

So, how far have you come by now? Is it worth putting energy in vcs-pkg
and is there any chance that we get a working replacement for svn-bp out
of it before squeeze freezes? Otherwise I would have to concentrate more
on svn-bp since it really needs a new version (it won't work with
squeeze's archive because of Format 3.0 (quilt)!).


PS: I'm thinking about attending debconf this year. If there were any
discussions about vcs-pkg it would be incitement. :)

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