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> > http://vcs-pkg.org/features/
> I could fill in Debian, but there's a lot of choice and I wonder how
> you would like me to add e.g. the fact that patch systems in Debian
> could be anything from none, dpatch, and explicit quilt, to quilt or
> git integrated in the source package format.

That would be great, please fill in every system you know that is
supported/in use for Debian (in the same table cell per feature).

> > When this list is more complete we can choose the best features
> > and try to adapt the other features in a interface like manner.
> I am not sure what you mean. Could you give an example or
> hypothetical scenario?

Well I'll try :-)

If we would choose 'conary repository' as meta data storage it should be
possible to make a adapter from spec/ebuild to a recipe to store the
meta data. The same goes for distribution to users, the sources can be
distributed to users by using yum.

In my opinion we should choose a standard, keep supporting the "legacy"
features and slowly migrate to only using the standard features.

And in the beginning only by shadowing every^H^H^H^H^Hmost Linux

I'm convinced the features can be more or less replaced/adapted by each
other. One can make a debian control file which uses a rpm spec file as
input for example.

Please let me know what I should explain futher and any other feedback.


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