On Sat, May 23, 2009 at 12:55:57AM +0200, martin f krafft wrote:
> > Now:
> > - all patches are saved in debian/patches/ and can be used directly with
> > quilt.
> Yes, and you can use TopGit to actually develop features on all
> those TopGit branches, from which you can create that initial patch
> series.
> Now we need to figure out how to get the conflict resolutions you
> made during your git-am loop back onto the TopGit branches where
> their features are developed.
> This is the advantage of TopGit: it's centred around the idea of
> keeping changes to a feature very close to the feature's branch.

I think the approach hinted by Mehdi is quite interesting and that it
deserves a bit more of investigation.

In particular, what do you think you will loose practically using that
instead of full-fledged TopGit? That is not that clear to me. Better,
I know what information will not be stored not using TopGit (e.g. the
merging history), but practically I don't see any disadvantage
descending from that.  On the contrary, what you gain is quite clear:
you don't fiddle with the complexity of TopGit and you don't have
forever lasting branches. Also, your patch history is trivially
versioned as the content of debian/patches/ in master.

So, is anyone up to for a side-by-side feature comparison---for our
specific packaging purposes---between TopGit and the proposed


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