I promised this a while ago but it was too hard to work the wiki, so I'm
using repo.or.cz which is perhaps better suited to the purpose.

Here (http://repo.or.cz/w/make-srpm.git) are some scripts which I use to
produce a src.rpm from a git tree. In accordance with rpm philosphy, a
/pristine source/ tar.gz is produced, with a series of patches up to the
current released.

The svn backend is less developed, as I am not so familiar with svn as I
am with git, but it works enough for my use with the openchange
<http://www.openchange.org/> project.

The general usage is:

    make-srpm [options] project.spec [...]

The operation of make-srpm is generally controlled by shell variables
which may be set explicitly in the environment before calling make-srpm,
or specified as command arguments in makefile fashion; e.g.

    make-srpm *ORIGIN_PATTERN="*alpha*"* project.spec

or from within the specfile from specially formed comments.

spec file macros can also be defined, even in terms of values computed
during execution.

I use make-srpm for packaging samba4 and openchange.

Full details here: http://repo.or.cz/w/make-srpm.git

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