>As a new subscriber to the list, please consider writing a short, >introductory mail in which you let us know about your distro >involvement and (D)VCS experience.


Distro involvement:
I once modified a Fully Automatic Installation package for Ubuntu 8.10.
I am trying to modify Debian's grub2 so that I can build super grub2 disk.
So... I do not know any of the tools that make package development easier or faster. I just read wikis or ask in irc when I do not know how to do something.

(D)VCS experience:
I have learnt how to use svn although I do not use it regularly. Even more, I have a free software project but I have not managed to save my changes in a version control system. I work offline. I plan to use git-svn or maybe only git so that things are easy but I am not quite sure.

vcs-pkg.org involvement
I have seen Madduck's introductory video to vcs-pkg on Debconf8. I have just attended to a vcs-pkg Birds of Feather (BoF) at Debconf9.

1) I see that we need is a package builder system that uses version control system capabilities underneath. (This is the conclusion I got by seeing debconf8's video).

2) I request Madduck to write the 4 point conclusion that he summarised at the Debconf9's BoF end so that I can have some material to work on.

I have some ideas, hope that great ideas but I need these 4 points so that I can begin to work on it.

You know, I am not deeply involved neither in package development nor in (d)vcs but I understand all these concepts from an outside point of view. I hope that my unique point of view might help you achieving your goals. (My goal is that the free software development community improves its software production speed and quality even faster than nowadays.)

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