martin f krafft <> writes:

> 1. Add the current set of workflows to our website.
>    It would be great if the currently "accepted" set of workflows
>    were to be summarised directly on the webpage, so that we can
>    "officialise" them and deprecate all the others floating around.
>    The workflows I know currently are: my topgit workflow, Mehdi's
>    quilt workflow, and Guido's git-buildpackage approach. There my
>    be others.
>    At the same time, the website could use some work,
>    reorganisation, and cleanup.

My current workflow is at:

However, I've been very busy and haven't had a chance to check against
other workflows, so this may largely duplicate what you already have

may be interesting as a special-case variation, although it's fairly far
afield from the main purpose of this collection.

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