I've subscribed to this list to get your comments on how it would be best-
practice to package solr. Jan-Pascal is so kind to switch the packaging of 
solr from SVN to GIT to allow better cooperation.

So the workflow I think of, inspired by Martin Krafft:

- upstream is SVN
- use git-buildpackage
- get all tarballs in with pristine-tar
- unpack each tarball in branch upstream and commit
- do the debianization in branch master
- create top-git branches upstream/* for patches submitted upstream
- create top-git branches master/* for debianization patches
- export patches to branch build, based on master

Remaining questins:

- Is the above workflow good?
- Wasn't there also a "debian" branch for some purpose?
- I've read, that it would be possible somehow to reexport old patches with 
topgit? How?
- How can I work on an older release of solr with this setup?

Best regards,

Thomas Koch, http://www.koch.ro

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