Dear Sir,
I hope this mail meet you in good health. There is this product I suggest
you may be able to supply to our company.  The name of the product is Diamond 
Misers use in Diamond Companies. I use to supply it to my company directly from 
Dubai UAE. I use to buy it and supplies to my company without my company knowing
actual price of the product. Now I have been transfer from the department that 
make it easier for me .The new person that took over my
position in that department did not know the seller of the Product. I will
introduce you to him as the seller of the product so that they can buy from you 
directly after you might have buy from the original seller.
This is my reason of contacting you, if you will be able to be supplying the 
product to my company on regular bases as needed. The supply or transaction has 
to be well handled, since it is going to be a continue transaction between you 
and our company,
it will be of a good benefit to us. This is how you should handle the business. 
Please, don’t allow My Company Director to know the seller and don’t let the 
seller to know My Company Director, because if they know each other, both of us 
will not get anything from the business anymore, both of them will be handling 
the business by themselves, and for me I will have a big problem with my 
company because I don’t want them to know how much I use to buy the product 
from the seller.
My Company need about 150 to 200 cartons, it's not under most you supplier the 
quantity my Company need. you can start by 20 or 30 cartons depending on the 
cash you hold at
hand and supply to my Company. My Company will pay you cash on delivery then 
you will go back and buy the remaining from the seller and supply to my 
Company. When you buy in Dubai my office can send one of our company.
You will buy per Carton from the seller at 1carton contains 12bottles one 
bottle's $200 and supply to my  Company  at $400 per bottle, my Company will  
pay you cash, Please let me know if it will be possible for you or your company 
to be supplying this product for my company.
Yours faithfully
Mr. David West.
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