Thomas Koch:
> I had some time on my way back to think about patch bases. Is it right,
> that it isn't actually necessary to save the commit sha-1s of patch bases?
> It is my understanding that you could calculate them:
>   1. $CANDIDATE=$(git merge-base --octopus $DEPENDENCY_NAMES)
>   2. for each $PATCH_BRANCH_HEAD
>        if NOT $PATCH_BRANCH_HEAD in_history_of $CANDIDATE
>          echo "WARNING! $PATCH_BRANCH_HEAD has unmerged commits!"
> I'll leave on a two weeks bycycle tour on wednesday and have a lot of time
> to think how the above could go wrong.

the above algorithm is completly wrong, written in a hurry. The idea however 
was to merge all dependencies in a commit and to merge this commit in the 
patch branch.
The one can search for the oldest commit in the patch branch's history 
containing all dependencies.


Thomas Koch,

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