On Thu, 03 Nov 2011, Daniel Dehennin wrote:
> First, I'm not a Debian maintainer, I mostly do some package for my
> personal use, to follow SVN trunk or git HEAD of some softwares.

that is the idea behind Debian -- personal use could benefit others
alike -- why not to share those packages with the rest of debian
community through finalizing packaging so it is compliant with debian
standards, and then seeking sponsored upload?

> There are some items about which I would like to discuss, like:
> - automatic handling of debia/changelog


> - multi-distributions/version packaging (and avoiding conflicts)

for neurodebian we use our backport-dsc

NB yet to create a blog post on our set of little helpers, altogether
usually we just call nd_build4all X.dsc to get it built across releases
of debian and ubuntu... interested to learn more?

> - management of orig.tar.gz

do you mean "filtering"?  git-import-orig does that if you specify
'filter' option in your debian/gbp.conf for the package

> I already read some maling-list archives, mostly the "Patch mgmt
> workflow proposal" plus the links givent in the thread, but the
> conversations are way to high for me.

thanks for the links -- I am yet to read them ;) decided to reply first

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