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> Hello,


As this mailing-list is quite calm, I make a status point of what I'm
doing ;-)

> As I'm really interested in automatic building, here[1] is an updated
> section of my previous document.
> If any one has feedback on it, specially on the way to manage a Debian
> repository.

I finalize a poor man debian wanna-build documentation as the second
part of my automatic building setup, with diagram of the setup in

Now I need to concentrate on the "git <-> packaging" gateway and
workflow, with some points in mind:

- debian/changelog is managed automatically[1] and out of the way of the

- extend the behaviour of git-flow to handle packaging and ease some
  processes like: a user found a bug on package version X-Y, as I'm the
  upstream too I want to fix upstream code and integrate it in package[2]

I was thinking of making a git-buildpackage daemon, making a post-update
hook triggering the machinery to build a source package when ever a tag
is added and upload it to my poor man wanna-build setup.

Now I wonder of calling git-buildpackage directly from the hook, using
one signed "to-build" tag[3] per distribution.

I need some process to make git-buildpackage create a "release" tag of
the package when everything is uploaded.


[1]  http://bugs.debian.org/669171

[2]  I'm working for an ubuntu derivative and we manage only our
     packages (plus some backports) for which we are upstream and
     packagers, so the git-buildpackage patch-queue workflow is not very
     used here

[3]  http://git-blame.blogspot.fr/2012/01/using-signed-tag-in-pull-requests.html

Daniel Dehennin
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