Daniel Dehennin <daniel.dehen...@baby-gnu.org> writes:

> Hello,
> I finally have something working to manage git-buildpackage from tags.
> The debian/changelog is not updated on the branch.

hmm, never said finally, because in fact, I have something only nearly
working ;-)

The problem can be describe by a little diagram:

#+begin_src text

o-o-o <- tag upstream/1.0
      \     o-o-H <- branch bugfix-1 (should became tag debian/1.0-2)
       \   /
        o-A-C-o-D-o-F <- master
           \     \   \
            \     \   G <- should became tag debian/1.1-2
             \     \
              \     E <- tag debian/1.1-1 (after merging new upstream/1.1)
                B <- tag debian/1.0-1


I think[1] that my problem is that I don't know how to express the
exclusion of descendant of a commit:

- from A: I want debian/1.0-1, this mean the latest (in date) tag that
  has an ancestor A or one of its ancestors but not C

- from H: I want debian/1.0-1

- when H became tagged, from A I want debian/1.0-2 (debian/1.0-2 became
  newest that debian/1.0-1 and has A as ancestor, but not C)

- from C: I want debian/1.0-2

- from G: I want debian/1.1-1

Any comments are very welcome.


[1]  there must be something conceptual I do not understand, reading
     manpages or forums[2] does not help me :-/


Daniel Dehennin
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