I forgot one:

Ian Jackson writes ("Re: DEP14 policy for two dots"):
> A patches-unapplied tree:
>  * produces confusing and sometimes misleading output from
>    git grep, or (even if appropriate history is available)
>    with git blame;
>  * cannot be used with `git cherry pick <some upstream bugfix>';
>  * cannot be used as a basis for `git merge upstream/<whatever>';
>  * requires that the user not say `git diff upstream/master'
>    but rather that they read patches in debian/patches;
>  * cannot be directly edited by the user;
>  * leaves the git tree dirty after every build with dpkg-buildpackage
>    no matter how careful or tidy the package's build system.

   * when built with the upstream build system (eg, for a GNU package,
     ./configure && make), silently and successfuly produces wrong
     output - perhaps dangerously wrong output, such as binaries
     lacking important security patches.

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