Nish Aravamudan writes ("patches-applied historical imports (usd import)"):
> [stuff]

It occurs to me that it would be a good idea for you to check that
your importer produces identical answers to dgit.  If nothing else,
from your point of view dgit can help you test that your importer

At the very least, for every .dsc which is successfully imported by
both dgit and your tool, the resulting imported tree object should be

Since I think dgit should be able to import every .dsc in the whole of
history (given new enough underlying tools), I would encourage you to
report every import failure as a bug against dgit.  When considering
such bugs:
 * I do not mind if you do not repro the bug on Debian
 * Point me at the exact .dsc
 * Run dgit with -D and include the output in the bug report
 * Use Severity: important

Ideally you and I could agree on a commit structure for the imported
packages, and metadata processing rules, so that the commits are
identical (not just the trees).


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