On 19/01/17 19:36, Ian Jackson wrote:

I think such a tool would be very useful in general, if it could be
used for individual users.
I see no reason why it couldn't be used by an individual user.

I have posted the current code at .

https://github.com/plugwash/dscdirtogit (import tool)
https://github.com/plugwash/autoforwardporter (actual autoforwardporter)

Feel free to take a look at it and comment/criticize.

Currently there are a bunch of assumptions in the code that are either raspbian-specific 
or specific to the box I run the code on. I guess I will need to introduce some sort of 
config file so that "distro" names, file paths, urls, committer emails etc can 
be configured.

The code is a mixture of python3 and shell script, anyone have any suggestions 
for the best way to do a config file that can be easilly read from both python3 
and shell script?

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