On Mon, Jun 12, 2017 at 04:57:06PM +0100, Ian Jackson wrote:
> `dgit clone' disables these .gitattributes; provides a separate verb
> for disabling them in other trees; and `dgit fetch' warns about them
> if it finds them.

So...you have a wrapper?

I don't really follow what you're saying. Are you saying that wrapping
these types of things in general is bad, or that having a wrapper for
the specific case of unescaping .git is bad?

For the latter, I think that safe round-tripping is an important
property of an importer and that ditching this property shouldn't be
taken lightly. I'm applying this principle in making design decisions
that we can't easily change later, such as the imported "format".

OTOH, I wouldn't consider it to be a high priority to actually
implement, and a default of failing if ..git exists would be perfectly
acceptable for this extreme edge case. We could require the user to tell
us exactly what is required (drop or unescape) when rebuilding the
source package.

Though then we'd probably need a "batch mode" that would probably
default to unescape to avoid creating a minefield of edge cases for
script writers.


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