Package: dgit
Version: 3.12

Peter Green writes ("extracting upstream source."):
> As part of my dgit based autoforwardporter I want to add a script that will 
> de-fuzz patches with fuzz and remove patches that cannot be applied.
> To do this I need the "upstream" source tree. However the process of 
> extracting the upstream source is quite fiddly, there may be multiple 
> tarballs to deal with, tarballs may or may not have a top-level directory 
> that needs to be removed from the paths etc.
> Both dpkg-source ("commit" and "build")and dgit (quilt fixup) clearly extract 
> the upstream source tree as part of their processing, so the code to do it 
> already exists but i'm not sure if there is a convenient way to access it.

dgit often has "something like" the upstream source tree as a git tree
object.  dgit should provide a way for you to get at it.


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