Matej Cepl wrote:
Take a look at the bottom of 
-- it has been last updated on 2006-07-23. That's ancient history in the fast 
flowing Fedora world. In the last year or so I have never ever heard anybody 
mention other DVCS than git. Aside from bzr coming from THEM :-), there is such 
overwhelming majority of git users over anybody else, that nothing else than 
git is just not an option for distributed VCS.

There are periodically flamewars about switching our packaging to DVCS
(hell, I would be glad if we use at least CVS correctly), but usually
there are good reasons why it is rejected. See for example and or for
examples of such flamewars. However, people are still working around
this (and yes, I know personally about many many people inside of Red
Hat who use git-cvsimport for their own packages) -- see

Uhm.... Matej, please don't speak for the rest of us. The main reason that we haven't switched to a DVCS is that none of the people who implements things for infrastructure wants to step on the toes of people who believe that a different DVCS is the way to go. Otherwise I'd have long since switched us over to bzr :-)


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