I am trying to set up 'vdetelweb' for my vde switches.

I am running Ubuntu Karmic and installed vdetelweb via the Ubuntu

When i try to start it using this command:

  ~/vde_network/switches$ vdetelweb -t -w -f vdetelweb.conf vde0.mgmt

I get the following error message:

  ->  vdetelweb: Cannot connect to the VDE switch

The switch itself runs properly and i can connect to is using unixterm.

Below you can see how the switch vde0 is started in the 'interfaces'
file. I also attached the vdetelweb.conf .

In this scenario my kvm host has an ip address in the subnet.

Thanks in advance,


  auto lo
  iface lo inet loopback

  auto eth0
  iface eth0 inet manual
    up /sbin/ifconfig eth0 promisc

  auto vde0
  iface vde0 inet manual
    up /usr/bin/vde_switch -s /home/markus/vde_network/switches/vde0.ctl
-m 666 -p /home/markus/vde_network/switches/vde0.pid -M
/home/markus/vde_network/switches/vde0.mgmt --mgmtmode 666 -d
    down kill -TERM $(cat /home/markus/vde_network/switches/vde0.pid)

  auto vtap0
  iface vtap0 inet manual
    pre-up vde_tunctl -t vtap0
    up vde_plug2tap -s /home/markus/vde_network/switches/vde0.ctl -P
/home/markus/vde_network/switches/vtap0.pid -d vtap0
    post-up /sbin/ifconfig vtap0 promisc
    down kill -TERM $(cat /home/markus/vde_network/switches/vtap0.pid)
    post-down vde_tunctl -d vtap0

  auto extbr0
  iface extbr0 inet dhcp
     bridge_ports eth0 vtap0

  #vdetelweb rc sample
  # to create a new passwd run the following command:
  # $ echo -n piripicchio | sha1sum
  # typing your passwd instead of "piripicchio"

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