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Date:     2010-04-26 17:00:47 +0000 (Mon, 26 Apr 2010)

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Man page of slirpvde updated.

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Modified: trunk/vde-2/man/slirpvde.1
--- trunk/vde-2/man/slirpvde.1  2010-04-26 11:03:41 UTC (rev 406)
+++ trunk/vde-2/man/slirpvde.1  2010-04-26 17:00:47 UTC (rev 407)
@@ -4,6 +4,9 @@
 .B slirpvde
+.I socketdir
 is a slirp interface for a VDE network.
@@ -23,6 +26,24 @@
 \fB-s, --sock, --socket, --vdesock, --unix\fP \fIdirectory\fP
 specify the VDE switch directory (default /var/run/vde.ctl).
+The VDE switch directory can be also specified at the end of
+the command, as illustrated by the optional parameter \fIsocketdir\fP
+in the synopsis section, above.
+When '-' is used in place of the VDE switch directory, \fBslirpvde\fP
+works as a plug (see vde_plug(1)).
+The command: +5
+.B dpipe vde_plug = ssh slirpvde - -5
+which is the same as: +5
+.B dpipe vde_plug = ssh slirpvde -s - -5
+connects the default local switch to a remote slirpvde.
 \fB-p, --pidfile\fP \fIfilename\fP
 specify the name of the file which contains the PID of slirpvde.
@@ -33,21 +54,67 @@
 \fB-m, --mod\fP \fImode\fP
 specify the octal UNIX permissions for the VDE communication socket.
+\fB-P, --port\fP \fIport\fP
+specify the port of the vde switch whern slirpvde must be connected.
 \fB-d, --daemon\fP
 detach from terminal and run \fBslirpvde\fP in background.
+\fB-H, --host\fP \fIaddress\fP \fR[ \fB / \fI masklen \fR]
+specify the host address (default
+This option automatically defines the network. 
+e.g. +5
+\fB -H \fR -5
+or: +5
+\fB --host \fR -5
+The default value for \fImasklen\fR is 24.
+If the host part of the address is zero this option defines only
+the network. The default host addr is addr 2, the default dns proxy is 3.
+e.g. +5
+\fB -H \fR -5
+defines the network only. The host address is and the DNS proxy
+\fB-n, --network\fP \fIaddress\fP \fR[ \fB / \fI masklen \fR]
+specify the network address (default
+Deprecated, it has been included for back compatibility only. It is 
+an alias of \fB-H, --host\fR. 
+\fB-N, --dns\fP \fIaddress\fP
+Specify the address of the dns server. If this is an address inside
+the slirp network, slirvde acts as a dns proxy on that address.
+The slirpvde dhcp server sends this dns address to the clients.
+By default this is the host number 3 in the slirpvde network. Using the
+default network it is
+Warning: do not use the same address for host and dns.
 \fB-D, --dhcp\fP
 turn on the DHCP server for the network autoconfiguration of
 all the units connected to the VDE.
+It is possible to specify the start address assigned by the DHCP server 
+as follows: +5
+\fB --dhcp= \fR -5
+DHCP assign addresses starting at host number 15 by default. Using the
+default network it starts from
-\fB-n, --network\fP \fIaddress\fP
-specify the network address (default
 \fB-L \fIport\fR:\fIvde_host\fR:\fIvde_hostport\fR
-specifyes a port redirection.
-All the packet received by the host running slirpvde at port \fIport\fR
+specifyes a TCP port redirection.
+All the TCP packets received by the host running slirpvde at port \fIport\fR
 will be forwarded to \fIvde_host\fR at port \fIvde_hostport\fR.
+\fB-U \fIport\fR:\fIvde_host\fR:\fIvde_hostport\fR
+specifyes a UDP port redirection.
+All the UDP packets received by the host running slirpvde at port \fIport\fR
+will be forwarded to \fIvde_host\fR at port \fIvde_hostport\fR.
 \fB-X \fIvde_host\fR[:\fIdisplay\fR.[\fIscreen\fR]]i
 redirect a X window screen of a virtual machine. Slirpvde gets the first 
unused X display on the
 host running slirpvde and redirects all the requests to \fIvde_host\fR.
@@ -56,6 +123,12 @@
 \fB-x \fIport\fR:\fIunix_socket_path\fR]
 redirect a port of the virtual router (usually to a unix stream 
 It is used for example to redirect a X display of the hosting computer on the 
virtual network. e.g. -x6000:/tmp/.X11-unix/X0. (A suitable xhost configuration 
is needed (e.g. 'xhost local:').
+\fB-t, --tftp\fP \fIpathname\fR
+slirpvde enables a tftp server sharing (read-only) the directory at 
+\fB-q, --quiet\fP
+Quiet;   do   not  write  anything  to  standard  output.
 Virtual Distributed Ethernet is not related in any way with

Modified: trunk/vde-2/src/slirpvde/slirpvde.c
--- trunk/vde-2/src/slirpvde/slirpvde.c 2010-04-26 11:03:41 UTC (rev 406)
+++ trunk/vde-2/src/slirpvde/slirpvde.c 2010-04-26 17:00:47 UTC (rev 407)
@@ -348,25 +348,6 @@
-struct option slirpvdeopts[] = {
-       {"socket",required_argument,NULL,'s'},
-       {"sock",required_argument,NULL,'s'},
-       {"vdesock",required_argument,NULL,'s'},
-       {"unix",required_argument,NULL,'s'},
-       {"pidfile", required_argument, NULL, 'p'},
-       {"dhcp",optional_argument,NULL,'D'},
-       {"daemon",no_argument,NULL,'d'},
-       {"network",required_argument,NULL,'n'},
-       {"nameserver",required_argument,NULL,'N'},
-       {"dns",required_argument,NULL,'N'},
-       {"host",required_argument,NULL,'h'},
-       {"mod",required_argument,NULL,'m'},
-       {"group",required_argument,NULL,'g'},
-       {"port",required_argument,NULL,'P'},
-       {"tftp",required_argument,NULL,'t'},
-       {"quiet",no_argument,NULL,'q'},
-       {NULL,no_argument,NULL,0}};
 int main(int argc, char **argv)
   char *sockname=NULL;
@@ -384,11 +365,31 @@
        int datafd=0,ctlfd=0;
        int quiet=0;
+       static struct option slirpvdeopts[] = {
+               {"socket",required_argument,NULL,'s'},
+               {"sock",required_argument,NULL,'s'},
+               {"vdesock",required_argument,NULL,'s'},
+               {"unix",required_argument,NULL,'s'},
+               {"pidfile", required_argument, NULL, 'p'},
+               {"dhcp",optional_argument,NULL,'D'},
+               {"daemon",no_argument,NULL,'d'},
+               {"network",required_argument,NULL,'n'},
+               {"nameserver",required_argument,NULL,'N'},
+               {"dns",required_argument,NULL,'N'},
+               {"host",required_argument,NULL,'H'},
+               {"mod",required_argument,NULL,'m'},
+               {"group",required_argument,NULL,'g'},
+               {"port",required_argument,NULL,'P'},
+               {"tftp",required_argument,NULL,'t'},
+               {"quiet",no_argument,NULL,'q'},
+               {"help",no_argument,NULL,'h'},
+               {NULL,no_argument,NULL,0}};
-  while 
 > 0) {
+  while 
 > 0) {
                switch (opt) {
                        case 's' : sockname=optarg;
@@ -398,7 +399,7 @@
                        case 'd' : daemonize = 1;
-                       case 'h' :
+                       case 'H' :
                        case 'n' : {
(slash) {

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